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Pretty Squidward

As the episode begins, it is “Take-Your-Friend-to-Work day,” so SpongeBob brings Patrick to the Krusty Krab and makes him his co-fry cook for the day. SpongeBob and Patrick sing “Squidward Had a Krabby Patty.” Squidward becomes very annoyed, so he tells them to stop. However, they ignore him and continue singing, so Squidward goes to the door of the kitchen to yell at them, but just as he reaches the door, the door swings open as SpongeBob comes out singing, and it hits Squidward in the face. Squidward is in great pain, and yells at SpongeBob to take him to the hospital. At the hospital, SpongeBob is nervously pacing up and down and chewing on Krusty Krab hats, when Incidental 116 opens the door to the waiting room. SpongeBob bursts into tears and asks if Squidward is going to be okay, to which Incidental 116 replies by saying they will not know for two weeks.


This week Marvel and Sony have shown how to do fan service properly. And all it took was a staged meme featuring all three webslingers from global megasmash Spider-Man: No Way Home pointing at each other. The image recalls a famous still from episode 19 of the 1967-1970 animated Spider-Man show, in which a Spidey-impostor – clue, he’s really a criminal – tries to impersonate the masked wallcrawler. It’s since been used millions of times in social media posts, often to illustrate moments when celebrities meet each other (according to the Know Your Meme website).

Hey ya, and not from Outkast!

HEYYEYAAEYAAAEYAEYAA” is the unofficial title of a 2005 animated music video in which the fictional superhero character He-Man[5] sings a rendition of 4 Non Blondes’ 1992 hit rock single “What’s Up.” Since entering online circulation in May 2005, the video has been widely used as a popular material for bait-and-switchtrolling, while spawning hundreds of remixes, parodies and music video tributes.